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Termite Control Services

Termites don't generally cause much concern for homeowners ... until you discover that your entire house may have to be demolished because of a lax termite control program.

Elders offers a complete termite treatment and termite control system, utilising the world's most effective products. Every year termite damage costs Australian homeowners a collective $910,000,000. Your wallet doesn't have to be part of that - with Elders No Pests, No Problems™ termite control options.

Termite Damage - Houses without termite control


How We Get Rid of Termites:

The quality of your termite treatment is take very seriously at Elders. Our termite control services include all of the following:

1. Termite inspections: At Elders, these are carried out in accordance with Australian Standards which recommends that Australia houses should be inspected at least annual with more frequenct inspections advisable.

2. Termite detection dogs: Our canines undergo the same extensive training that police drug and explosive dogs do, only for a different target. They can help pinpoint areas of termite activity, or assist in giving a property the all-clear.

To see our K9 detection dogs in action, click this link.

3. Termite baiting system: These monitor and eliminate termites from around the home.

4. Liquid barriers: We use Termidor as a liquid barrier termite control to deter termites from the home immediately, and create a protective zone.

5. Elders Total Termite Plan™: Starting from just $66 per month, the Elders Total Termite Plan™ packages your regular termite inspection, a termite baiting system, and a $100,000 warranty.

Why Should You Choose Elders for Termite Control?

You have a lot of choice when it comes to termite control companies for your home. However, none of your other choices tops Elders' termite treatment and control services. Here's why:

Backed by $100,000 guarantee: Elders termite control and treatment services are backed by a $100,000 guarantee. As you can imagine, we wouldn't offer the guarantee if we didn't have absolute and unshakable faith in our termite control techniques, products and skill. You can read the details of our Termite Guarantee here. The guarantee is transferable to anybody that buys the property.

Environmentally friendly: While chemical-free solutions to termite problems aren't always the most effective, you do get the feelgood factor that comes from dealing with a certified environmentally endorsed company. Elders adheres to ISO14001's international environmental management standards.

Innovative detection methods: Our termite detection dogs offer an extra layer of certainty in your termite control and treatment plan.

What Are Termites?

Termites are sometimes called white ants, though they are not closely related to true ants. They feed on any dead plant material, and for humans this is most significant because they will happily chew through the stumps of an entire house without being noticed.

Termites live in colonies numbering from several hundred to several million insects. Their colonies contain soldiers and workers (similar to ant colonies), but also include semi-mature insects and reproducing males and females.

Termites are ecologically important, because they help recycle dead plant material. They produce quite large amounts of hydrogen during their digestive processes, and US scientists are actually investigating this as a source of energy.

Elders Total Termite Plan

Why Is Termite Control So Important?

There is one main reason why termite control is so important to homeowners - the potential monetary loss. You should know that termite damage in homes:

- Is usually not covered by insurance. This is why Elders Termite Guarantee is so valuable.
- Can go unnoticed for some time. You may only notice termite damage when it is too late, without regular inspections.
- Can cause the loss of an entire building.

Improper termite control currently causes more damage to buildings in Australia than the combined effects of fires, floods, storms and tempests combined.

Preventive Termite Control

As with all pests, termite control begins with making sure you do not have termite attractants on your property. Use the following strategies to help avoid invalidating your termite treatment and Elders-implemented termite control strategies:
- Make sure water drains away from your home's foundation, using gutters and downspouts, or rainwater tanks
- Removing in-ground wooden structures, like retaining walls, if they are present.

There are also several termite control strategies that should be incorporated into the design of any new homes, to help reduce termite treatment costs later on:
- Reducing the overall amount of timber used in a home; steel framing is ideal in areas where termite control is difficult
- Properly designed concrete slabs with exposed edges
- Allowance for easy underfloor inspection of timber floored homes
- Installing termite shields to pier and post substructures

How You Can Help with Termite Control

Ensure that your termite treatments last for as long as possible by:
- Fixing roof and plumbing leaks as soon as they are noticed
- If you use an evaporative air conditioner, make sure the drips are caught and directed away from the house. Likewise for your hotwater overflow pipe
- Store any firewood or hobby wood off the ground and well away from your home. Let your Elders termite control professional know of any wood stores.

Also, if you've discovered a termite nest on your property, do not disturb it in any way. Termite treatment and termite control is far more effective when the termites are in their most active state. Disturbing the nest will cause any subterranean termites to flee ... you'll then have to wait several weeks for termite treatment.

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