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Mosquito Control Services

As soon as the weather turns beautiful and balmy, away from chill icy winds, and as soon as the beating sun starts to fade and make it comfortable to be outdoors in summer, mosquitoes are guaranteed to destroy your enjoyment of the outdoors.

Kids are particularly vulnerable to mosquito bites and also the diseases they spread. If you don't want to have to lather yourself in repellent every time you venture outside to enjoy the weather, get in touch with Elders for mosquito control services. No Pests, No Problems.

What Are Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are small winged insects, varying in size from 0.5cm to 2cm long. Male mosquitoes usually feed on nectar and plant juices; female mosquitoes need blood meals to reproduce. Mosquitoes lay eggs, and spend their larval development, in standing water. Their natural predators include fish (which eat the eggs and larvae), and dragonflies, which eat the mature insects.

How We Get Rid of Mosquitoes

Elders approach to mosquito control can cut down mosquito populations around your home by as much as 87%. Here's how our ultra-effective mosquito control services work:

Breeding prevention: Stopping new generations of mosquitoes colonising your backyard is the first priority in a mosquito control plan. We offer innovative solutions for outdoor water sources to keep the mozzies away with no impact on your lifestyle.

Electrical solutions: In some outdoor applications electrical mosquito control solutions may be recommended.

Why Is Mosquito Control So Important?

Trying to rid your backyard of mosquitoes can feel like trying to conquer the entire natural world. In reality, mosquitoes don't travel far from their breeding ground, so mosquito control has fast and definite benefits.

Mosquito control in both homes and businesses is important for so many reasons:

Reduce serious disease risk: Some of the world's most fatal diseases are borne by mosquitoes - while Australia doesn't have malaria, it is still an excellent example of the health damage they do. Your children, family, employees or customers can contract diseases like Ross River fever, dengue fever, encephalitis, Barmah Forest virus and Kunjin virus from mosquitoes.

Reclaim your outdoor areas: Mosquitoes come out just when the weather is warming up from winter's depths, and when dusk wipes away the stinging heat of summer. Mosquito control means you aren't trapped in a house, or under a layer of chemical.

Improve property values: A home that remains un-plagued by mosquitoes is a major selling point.

Increase customer numbers and spend: For businesses like pubs and clubs, customers are more likely to buy from your company, and to stay longer, if they are not harassed by mosquitoes.

Why Should You Choose Elders for Mosquito Control?

Mosquito control can seem like an impossible task. With Elders combination of advanced technologies and old-fashioned, time-tested remedies for eradicating mosquitoes, it is actually conceivable that you could reclaim your backyard, or your business's outdoor areas over spring and summer.

Here's why Elders mosquito control services are so highly regarded:

Focus on quality: We understand that leaving just a few breeding females can invalidate a whole mosquito control program within weeks. At Elders, we focus on providing the highest quality, most thorough mosquito control to be found in the country.

Mosquito-specific certification: Mosquito control is not a simple type of pest control. Elders is a member of the Mosquito Control Association of Australia, and our operators receive specialist training in mosquito control techniques.

Tailored plans: Every home and business situation is different. Elders tailors our solutions to your particular environment to ensure that every one of our customers gets consistent mosquito control results.

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