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Rodent Control Services

Elders will develop a thorough and effective rodent control program designed to meet your business needs.

The first step of this rodent control program is a thorough inspection of the property to determine where rodents are active, where they may be entering your facility, and what conditions may be contributing to the infestation.

The rodent control program will likely include three key components:

1. Sanitation

The availability of food and shelter makes your business a prime target for rats and mice. Sanitation recommendations might include:

- Eliminating rubbish and the build up of stored equipment/items
- Making sure rubbish bins are sealed from entry
- Arranging for regular rubbish pick-ups
- Regularly mowing tall grass near the facility

2. Exclusion

An average rat can get into your building through an opening of less than 2cm wide, while a mouse needs only an opening of less than 1cm wide.

Exclusion recommendations will include:

- Covering vents with a tight-fitting hardware
- Securing gaps around loose pipes and other wall intrusions
- Adding kick plates to exterior doors to stop rodents from gnawing through
- Applying weather stripping to the bottoms and sides of all doors

3. Rodent Control Stations

The installation of tamper proof, lockable rodent stations in and around your facility is the final step in the Elders rodent control program.

The majority of the emphasis is on the external areas of the facility in an effort to prevent rodents from entering the facility all together.

Rodent control stations may contain snap traps, rodent bait, an toxic-free rodent bait for sensitive or HACCP facilities.

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