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How We Help Your Business

Elders Pest Control Commercial Services Division work one-on-one with businesses to develop customised commercial pest management programs to help them minimise the chance of a pest infestation.

A pest infestation can wreak havoc on your business. If a customer sees a pest in your establishment, it will probably mean losing that customer - and maybe a lot more.

Consumer behavior research has shown that 9% of hotel guests, for example, will tell at least 10 others about a negative experience. But negative perception isn't the only problem with pests. They also carry many pathogens that can cause serious illness in humans. That's why health inspectors will often shut down food premises with pest infestations.

Why put your reputation and the health of your customers and staff in jeopardy? Contact Elders who will work with you to help keep pests out of your facility.

Why Commercial Pest Control is So Important
Pests in a commercial environment aren't something you can 'just live with', for so many reasons!

- Reputation management: Consumer behaviour research has shown that one hotel guest will tell at least ten other people about their negative experience. This number rises exponentially when you consider the popularity of websites like TripAdvisor.

- Employee and customer health and safety: Whether in a commercial or residential environment, insect and rodent pests have the potential to cause diseases like salmonella, streptococcus, leptospirosis, iron deficiency anemia, necrotizing tissue problems, Ross River fever, tapeworm infestation and even the bubonic plague. In a commercial environment, the responsibility for treatment and perhaps punitive damages comes back to your business, making commercial pest control a smart investment.

- Customer comfort: Even if no diseases are transmitted, fleas, mosquitoes, flies and bedbugs are an annoyance to live with.

- Potential for fines: As you'll know, any business involved in food preparation must have a commercial pest control program in place as part of their licensing requirements. You could be fined or prevented from operating if this condition is breached.

Commercial pest control is a critical business practice. If you want assurance that your business is being taken care of to the highest standards, contact Elders for a FREE pest control quote today.

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