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Fly Control Services

Successfully controlling flies requires a comprehensive approach. Elders can customise a fly control program to meet your facility's needs. Services to help you successfully control flies can include:

- Specifying areas where fly exclusion efforts are required
- Recommending specific sanitation practices for your business
- Providing a plan for the installation of electronic fly traps (EFTs)
- Recommending drain applications as needed
- Providing regular exterior treatments as required

Electronic Fly Lights

Flies are attracted to ultraviolet (UV) light. EFTs use special bulbs that are highly effective at attracting flies. Flies attracted to an EFT are then captured by a glueboard contained inside the unit. Gone are the days of 'fly zappers' which can actually explode a flying insect, spreading it over senstive environments including food areas.

Based on your facility, as well as regulations affecting your industry, your Elders Service Professional will help you determine the proper type and placement of EFTs in your facility.

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