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Bird Control Services

Not many businesses think of birds as a pest. However when birds begin to take over, you'll notice the noise, the droppings, and for some businesses, the ruined stock, and far more.

It doesn't have to be this way - contact Elders for bird control.

How We Get Rid of Birds
Elders focuses on humane, natural methods for bird control within your business. Our preventative bird control techniques include:

Bird proofing: Appropriate for buildings where birds may be roosting in sheltered areas of the building

Trapping and relocation: In many cases, trapping and relocation forms a part of the ideal bird control solution

Scarers: These can be visual or noise-based bird scarers

Our bird control methods are completely tailored to your individual situation, and backed by our stringent quality standards. Find out more from an Elders bird control expert today.

Why Should You Choose Elders for Bird Control?
Businesses choose Elders bird control for the same reasons that have made our other pest control services so popular. Engage Elders preventative bird control services, and you get:

Industry-leading quality: Our bird control results are backed by the international standards of the ISO9001 framework. We actively confirm the quality of our service, rectify any problems with it and also review our review systems regularly. You can trust that our bird control methods are the highest quality in the industry.

Natural, cost effective solutions: We aim for the most environmentally friendly bird control solution possible, as required by our ISO14001 certification.

Ideal bird control products: Elders bird control products are no additional burden on your business. They are safe and simple to use; more cost effective than most lethal solutions; compliant with health and safety regulations and work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Sound like the sort of high quality, dependable bird control solution you need? Contact an Elders bird control expert today.

Why Is Bird Control So Important to Businesses?
Unless your business is situated out in the bush, excessive numbers of birds hanging around the business cause a multitude of problems. Here's why bird control is so important to your business:

Image management: Bird droppings are unsightly on building exteriors.

Cost reduction: The acidity of bird droppings means that they eat away at paint and exterior finishes, so regular cleanups are necessary to prevent expensive re-finishing.

Customer, employee and public health and safety: Bird droppings and the animals themselves can spread disease, and therefore pose a public health risk. Some bird species can also become territorial, and in larger numbers may cause harm to your customers, employees and the general public.

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You can schedule a free bird control quote for your business today by filling out the form to the left of screen, or using our Contact facility.

There's no point putting up with a business covered in bird waste for another week ... when you can give Elders Pest Control a call, and have No Pests, No Problem™.



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