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About Elders - Pest Control Company

Elders have set benchmarks as the industry's highest quality, most innovative and professional pest control company since 1976.

Elders are not like every other pest control firms. We don't just follow standards - we set them. Here's why we are different and why so many businesses just like you rely on Elders.

Industry-Leading Quality: Elders Pest Control is fully certified under ISO9001, the International Standard for quality management systems, and ISO14001, the International Standard for environmental management systems, HACCP certified company, and AS4801 and ISO18001 the Australian and International Standard for occupational health and safety management systems.

To you, this means that you can count on:

The removal of as many pests as possible

In as few visits as possible

With as little environmental impact as possible

The stringent requirements of these standards mean that Elders take an active role in monitoring the quality of our work, rectifying any problems and even monitoring the quality of the checking system itself.

Earth friendly pest control: You can feel good about your choice of Elders as a pest control company, knowing that we have strategies in place to prevent any environmental pollution or contamination.

Innovative pest detection:
Elders pest controllers use non-intrusive pest detection dogs to determine whether you have active termites or bedbugs before commencing potentially expensive treatments.

Online self-service: Whether you are a business or residential pest control client, you can track your past jobs and scheduled visits, as well as adding notes to your service requests and printing statements, all quickly and conveniently through our online portal.

Guaranteed quality: The quality of your pest control job is backed by Elders Commercial Guarantee and our residential Termite Control Guarantee. We offer reimbursement for certain costs caused by poor quality pest control up to $10,000 for businesses and $100,000 for residences. Please see the full terms on our Commercial Guarantee and Termite Control Guarantee pages.

Humane bird control: Elders are one of only a handful of pest control companies that offer humane bird control services.

Mosquito control: Amazing results: Mosquito control is a highly technical field that few pest control companies are qualified to provide to the exacting standards that Elders do. We can help you reclaim your backyard in summer, and enjoy the dusk hours again.

Ready to discover the Elders difference for yourself? You can get an instant free quote or simply ask us a question at any time.

History and Management
Elders was founded in 1976. The management team have spent many years perfecting their pest control company procedures, customer service and also technology, and are now known as one of the leading pest control companies across Australia and South East Asia.

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